Functions of Branches

Objectives :


DIET ha has been working with a zeal to provide academic and resource the support at the grass root level for the success of the various strategies and programmes, which are being undertaken to attain.


1. Universalisation of Elementary Education

2. Imparting functional literacy to adults.


In this context the DIET has assumed two roles


  Achieving excellence in all its programmes

 Extension of support for elementary and adult Extension education needs of the Jamnagar District.


In other words, DIET has been offering


  Pre service Elementary Teacher Education Course.

 In service Teacher Education Programmes at Elementary level.

  Extension service for teacher empowerment.



Mission :


DIET is the realization of one of the five components of a centrally sponsored scheme namely restructuring and reorganization of teacher education, approved in October 1987.


The 1964-66 Education Commission observed that in order to enhance the quality, competence and character of teachers, they should be provided quality training and academic / resource support..


DIET’s MISSION is to provide academic and resource support at the grass root level for achieving quality and universal Elementary Education and Adult Education.

DIET’s ROLE Pursuit of excellence shall reflect in all DIET’s activities. Besides its own excellence, it shall help the elementary and adult education achieve excellence. DIET will be a model educational institution in the district in terms of meticulous, efficient and effective planning and execution of functions, harmonious and creative organizational climate, and maintenance of a clean and attractive campus.


In the likeness of GCERT, NCERT, NIEPA, CCRT, RIE, and other national level/ regional level organization, DIET organizes various in-service training programmes, workshops for target groups like elementary school Teachers, Headmasters, etc., working at primary and upper primary levels. DIET further extends support to the practicing teacher at school level by way of providing academic resource support ( Teachers’ Hand books, Syllabus, audio cassettes/ CD’s / , Education Broadcast programme schedules, TLMs, Evaluation tools, etc.,). Also Action Researches initiated by the school teachers are supported financially and academically by the resource team at DIET. The activities and performance of DIET are uniformly being guided and monitored by the Director of Gujarat Council of Education Research and Training, Gandhinagar.


List of services :

1.   Pre Service Teacher Education Branch (PSTE)

2.   In Service Field Interaction, Innovation and Co-Ordination       Branch (IFIC)

3.   Planning And Management Branch (P & M)

4.   Educational Technology (ET)

5.   District Resource Unit Branch (DRU)

6.   Curriculum Material Development And Evaluation Branch (CMDE)

7.   Work Experience (W.E)

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